Workplace drug & alcohol testing & support now available

Here at Seaham Safety Services Ltd, we’re always working to expand our range of services, and today we’re pleased to bring you news of a partnership with CSI Drug and Alcohol Testing Ltd, which enables us to support employers in tackling workplace drug and alcohol/criminality issues.

Below, we answer key questions you may have about our new services.

Why is it important to tackle workplace drug and alcohol issues?

A clearly defined drugs and alcohol policy helps to ensure you are able to fulfil your legal requirement as an employer to provide a safe working environment for your employees, contractors and visitors. Drug and alcohol abuse has not only a human cost, but a financial one too. Studies have shown that abusers contribute to overall higher rates of staff absenteeism and turnover, higher rates of criminality and reduced productivity and lower quality end product.

How can workplace drug and alcohol issues be uncovered and analysed?

CSI provide investigators to detect workplace criminality and drugs infiltration/abuse. Undercover employees can be provided for workplace health checks, as well as interview and investigation teams. Results can be analysed by drug, site or shift specific issues. Advice can also be given on legal matters, such as the terms and conditions of employees’ contracts with regard to drug and alcohol and criminality issues.

What testing methods are available?

No single testing medium provides a complete solution to employer drug and alcohol requirements. Therefore, a multiple approach is required. Below, we outline the CSI recommended testing mediums and the advantages of each:

Substance testing

• Oral Fluid Analysis

This is a narrow window medium (0-48 hours) which allows it to be used in for cause and mass screening, pre-employment and random testing.

• Hair Analysis

This is a wide window medium (0-90+ days) which is ideal for rehabilitation or E.A.P programmes and self-referral, pre- promotion and return to work and job specific testing scenarios. It is also useful for testing the integrity of other mediums.

• Urinalysis

This is a narrow window medium (0-5 days) which allows it to be used in for cause and mass screening, pre-employment and random testing.

Alcohol Testing

Testing for alcohol helps deter abuse, or where abuse has occurred, it can be used to establish at what level. CSI provides a range of alcohol testing kits including Draeger 6810 units with portable wireless printers. This package provides an instant, recordable and legally defensible analysis.

Where does testing take place?

We provide independent sample drug and alcohol collection services with a response within 2 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

In addition, CSI also provide a mobile testing programme. This is ideal for clients with employees at numerous premises or working multiple shift patterns. CSI has a fleet of welfare vans that can visit multiple locations in a single or multiple number of days. Welfare containers can also be supplied. Equipped with a range of facilities including a private office, 12 person canteen and toilet, these units are especially useful for testing on construction sites.

Where is analysis carried out?

CSI’s independent laboratories are committed to rapid turnaround of screening services and confirmation of samples which helps significantly reduce the need for employee suspension. A dual scientific response is employed to illegal and abused legal substances, and legislation and scientific developments are constantly monitored.

Why is training important and what solutions are offered?

Raising staff and employee awareness is vital in developing a strategic approach to tackling workplace drug and alcohol issues. CSI provide drug and alcohol seminars at their HQ in Sedgefield, County Durham, as well as at client and independent locations.

To help eliminate the need for independent call outs, CSI is able to train members of staff within a company to become Designated Employee Representatives (DER’s). DER’s are able to collect laboratory samples in a for cause incident and can also be trained to support random and pre-employment programmes.

If you’d like further information on any of our drug and alcohol testing and support services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
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