CSkills removal of Grace period

ConstructionSkills Removal of the ‘Grace Period’

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The grace period for the Site Safety Plus scheme has been removed to bring the scheme in line with other CSkills Awards products.

This means the Delegate must be made aware of the certificate expiry date and ensure they attend the refresher course prior to the end date on the certificate.  Any Delegate that does not attend prior to the end date of their certificate will risk their right to attend a refresher course and will be required to attend the full course.

The current process still lasts until the 31st December 2015! Any certificate expiring after this date will no longer carry a Grace Period.

If you want to book any of our Site Safety Plus courses to avoid disappointment call us on 0191 581 8400 or email info@s-safety.co.uk.

Also you can go to our website to look at all of our CSkills site safety plus courses that we have to offer! www.s-safety.co.uk