Industry Accreditation FAQ’s

The process of phasing out Industry Accreditation CSCS cards (also known as those issued under grandfather rights) is currently in motion. We have compiled a set of frequently asked questions to provide you with guidance on the necessary steps to take going forward.


If you hold an Industry Accreditation CSCS card, what actions should you take at this point?

 If you currently hold a CSCS card that was issued under Industry Accreditation since January 1st, 2020, your card will expire on December 31st, 2024.

If you still require a CSCS card, you will need to take proactive measures to ensure your eligibility to apply for a new card through an alternative route.

For those who hold a relevant NVQ or overseas qualification, as determined by Ecctis, this will serve as the basis for applying for your new CSCS card.




What options are available for individuals with academic qualifications?

Certain academic qualifications, such as HND or HNC, can also be utilised to apply for Black and Gold Supervisor as well as Advanced Craft CSCS cards.

Membership in a professional body like CIOB can qualify you for Black Managers and Gold Supervisor CSCS cards.

City & Guilds Craft Certificates or completion of an apprenticeship can also enable you to apply for Blue Skilled Worker CSCS cards.




What if I don’t have those existing qualifications?

If you do not currently hold any of the mentioned qualifications but still require a CSCS card, your solution lies in completing an NVQ that aligns with your occupation.

You must be registered for the appropriate qualification before your current card’s expiration on December 31st, 2024.

Seaham Safety Services offer a comprehensive range of NVQs ranging from level 2 to 7. If you’re uncertain about which NVQ is suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.




Support grants for specific supervision and management NVQs

To facilitate the transition of construction workers from an Industry Accreditation CSCS card to a qualification, CITB will increase grants starting from April 1st, 2023, with amounts of up to £1,500 available for the following NVQs:

    • L4 Construction Site Supervision
    • L6 Construction Contracting Operations Management
    • L6 Site Management in Construction
    • L7 Construction Senior Management



How do I go about completing an NVQ?

NVQs revolve around assembling a portfolio of evidence, eliminating the need for physical attendance in a classroom setting. We will guide you in selecting the appropriate NVQ, allowing you to collect most of your evidence during your regular work activities.

Upon determining the suitable NVQ, you will be enrolled in the qualification. This step provides access to our online e-portfolio system.




Is it necessary to take time off work to complete the NVQ?

No, NVQs are structured around evidence collected in your workplace, sparing you from needing time off. However, communication with your assessor, evidence gathering, and uploads will require your commitment.



How long does it take to complete an NVQ?

NVQs do not adhere to fixed timelines. Completion duration relies on your ability to swiftly accumulate the requested evidence.