HSE Business Plan 2016/17

Great Britain has a health and safety record we can be proud of which means we are one of the safest countries in the world to work in. But there is still room for improvement. We want to continue to lead the way and establish a 21st-century, world-class occupational health and safety system. That is why we have talked to stakeholders across the system to develop real ownership of the ‘Helping Great Britain work well’ strategy, so everyone involved can play their part.

HSE will continue to take its responsibility as the prime mover, working with co-regulators, colleagues across government and other stakeholders to deliver healthier, safer workplaces. This plan outlines what HSE, in our role as the national regulator and catalyst in the system, will deliver in 2016/17.

We are committed to:

  • leading and engaging those who undertake or influence health and safety. We will seek to change behaviour through guidance, raising awareness and leadership
  • ensuring the regulatory framework remains effective and that we are delivering the government’s regulatory reform agenda and Business Improvement Target
  • securing effective risk management and control through a variety of interventions with businesses. This includes permissioning and licensing activities, inspections, investigations of incidents and concerns raised by workers and others. It also means holding to account those who fail to meet their obligations to protect people from harm
  • reducing the likelihood of low-frequency, high-impact catastrophic incidents and the potential for extensive harm to workers and the public

In delivering this plan, we are committed to ensuring value for money for the taxpayer by reducing our reliance on government funding, while continuing to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. Our clear strategic intent is to continue to be a modern, independent and effective regulator.

Source: HSE