Upgrade to Vodafone Onenet

We have upgraded our telecom system from the traditional separate land line and mobile systems to the Onenet unified communication platform from Vodafone. Our current mobile phone (and now full telecom) agents CCS mobile were one of the pioneering partners for the roleout of this new platform and told us about the Onenet solution during their pre-sale trials. We were instantly impressed as the system was much better and easier to use than our current solution.

Onenet enables our customers to contact us easier with the ability of our land line handset to ring at the same time as our mobiles. This ensures that no matter where we are you can contact us and if you are trying to call someone in particular and they are unavailable you can still leave a voice mail. The same voice mail is used and can be accessed from both the land line handset and mobile phone meaning your message will be picked up quicker and we will be able to return your calls quicker to assist you.

For more information on this system click the following links: CCS MobileVodafone

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