University cover hot air vents with anti-homeless cage

A university has caused a lot of trouble when it comes to aggravating the public since they have caged up the hot air vents to make sure that the air vents so the public aren’t in danger because of Health and safety reasons.


The issue is that the University has covered up the hot air vents around the campus with anti-homeless cages citing that if they don’t cover them up then this would breach health and safety laws. However this has angered many people as they are taking away someone’s place to stay but others are saying that they need to keep the public’s health at the fore front of whatever decision that they make.

Panel Decision

There may be some small health issues relating to the air vents such as carbon monoxide exposure in the gases which are exhaled from the boiler vents but the main concerns appear to relate to fires near the vents and the potential blockages of these crucial vents which could shut down the boilers that could lead to research work being halted.

However getting the right balance between the issues is what the university want to do as it is challenging for them to keep everyone’s needs in mind. As with many cases clear communications from the outset can explain the real reasons behind these decisions and avoid quoting ‘Health and Safety as a convenient catch for an excuse.

Overall Conclusion

The conclusion I have come to over this case is that the University have been thinking about the public’s health but have also been hiding behind the big statement of saying that it is a health and safety issue that is behind the reasoning. The University should have come out and said that they are covering these vents which could lead to blockages to the vents.