Truth or Myth: Chips Cant be served in a paper cone?

This event happened when someone was in a fish and chip shop ordering some chips to take away, When the customer asked for them to be wrapped in paper and in a cone shape rather than have them in a plastic tray but the person behind the counter said “No we can’t do that it is against health and safety in case you burn yourself on the chips”.


The issue here is that the women behind the counter has refused to put the customer’s chips into a paper cone for apparent health and safety reasons. However the person behind the counter did say to the person you can wrap them up yourself if you like but we aren’t allowed to do that so we aren’t liable. Which isn’t really good customer service when they are supposed to be always right!

Panel Decision

The panel down at the Health and Safety Executive have come up with the decision that the customer made a completely sensible request and that there is no health and safety reason which would stop the employee doing as requested and giving the women chips in a paper cone. This is only a case of poor customer service and this needs to be wrapped up and thrown in the bin.

Overall Conclusion

This is the Chip shops fault for not granting the women’s request because of the lack of good customer service which has led to the customer being disappointed with the lack of common curtesy. This should have been dealt with in a reasonable matter and told the women that she can have the chips in a paper cone and not said it against the health and safety rules and regulations, As you can’t get hurt unless it’s your own fault by eating chips out of a paper cone, this is just a big case of bad customer service.

An example of what the chip shop use what they think is good health and safety to be able to put the chips in.

This is what the chip shop normally use for the chips they serve within the shop.