The Grand National is back!

Seaham Safety take a look at the one of the great horse racing events of the year which takes place annually at Aintree. The Grand National is like Marmite of sporting events, You either love it or you hate it!

Many people love the event and say it is one of the most exciting weekends on the calendar for gambling reasons and I’m sure the bookmakers love having a shop packed full of punters. However many people disagree with this event totally and say it is the original extreme sport and animals shouldn’t be put through what they do at the great event.

It is a common occurrence that a horse falls every year at the National but for all the animal lovers out there, this is one of the worst sights to see as these horses sometimes end up with serious injuries and don’t survive the injuries  they sustain.

Over the past few years measures have been put in place to try and stop both the Jockey’s and the Horses getting hurt through competing in the sporting event. For example one step towards a safer race was the lowering of the height of the fall after the fences which is thought to stop the horses getting injured as much and to stop the Jockeys from falling as far but their has been skeptics within this theory as they are saying that the horses are travelling faster so they are creating a bigger risk!

The worriers among us are demanding for the Grand National to be banned and no doubt after this they would call for an end to all horse racing. But from the lovers side they are saying that everyone has to take a risk in what they do in their chosen sport.

However our opinion is that the race will never be risk free but at the moment the authorities are doing everything possible to make the event as safe as possible! With safety changes being made each year it is only getting safer but their still is a huge risk factor! But by going to far with all the safety precautions are going to cause an even greater threat by horses travelling at a faster speed could lead to more serious injuries!.