Shop says no to headphone’s being returned

Headphone Havoc

This event happened when a customer who had recently bought some headphones from an online shop had been told that if the packaging was broken/open then they couldn’t return the headphones for health and safety reasons. This has sparked controversy among the population who say that the store should be more lenient when it comes to their returns policy because of the likeliness they could have already been broken.


The main issue within this case is that the shop have refused to take back a pair of headphones because of the packaging being opened which angered her because she had no used them more than once and it seemed that the headphones didn’t work in the first place so why didn’t they return them? The shop didn’t accept them back because they saw it as a threat to health and safety through them possibly going in someone’s ear which could raise not only hygiene problems but if someone has ear problems then this could transfer onto someone else.

Panel Decision

The Health and Safety Executive panel had a look at this case and decided that there are actually no health and safety risks involved with returning any headphones which have already been opened. However this could be that it was company policy that they couldn’t be returned and not a health and safety matter. The company should have provided proper explanation surrounding the matter rather than citing health and safety because it isn’t a health and safety matter and this is telling people the wrong information which could lead to people interpreting the information the wrong way.

Overall conclusion

This is the shops fault for not stating that the right information in the first place as it wasn’t a Health and safety decision it was company policy which had stopped the person from returning the headphones. If this had been made clear in the first place then the whole situation wouldn’t have happened through the wrong statement.

Headphones arent allowed to be returned over H&S reasons

Headphones rejected to be returned after shop raises health and safety worries.