September Health and Safety Myth of the Month

Here at Seaham Safety Services Limited we love to bust some of those (often fairly ridiculous!) health and safety myths out there. Previously we reported on the myth that children playing conkers must wear safety goggles to avoid injury. Now we turn our attention to another childhood favourite– pin the tail on the donkey.

Tesco has reported that sales of the traditional party game have been rapidly falling and this, it is suggested, is because some parents are reluctant to allow their children to handle pins, fearing that they pose a health and safety risk.

Whilst undeniably a pin does have the potential to cause a little harm if misused, it must be remembered that millions of children have been playing the game for years and years without coming to any harm. Ultimately good health and safety assessment is about balancing the risk factors against the likelihood of an accident actually occurring. In this instance it’s safe to say that the level of danger is so low that it really does seem a shame to deny today’s youngsters a bit of good old fashioned party fun!


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