Seaham Safety Face Fit tests

Here at Seaham Safety Services we offer a service called Face Fit testing which is when our 3M trained employees go through the process to check if the face mask that you are using actually works for you. If it is working then this is great! You have not been subject to any harmful toxins or chemicals that go about in the work place.

However if you have been wearing a face mask that hasn’t been fit tested for you and it isn’t working then you aren’t helping yourself by wearing one which could seriously harm your health.

Tight-fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) needs to fit the wearer’s face well in order to work correctly and provide the expected protection. As faces come in all shapes and sizes, each wearer needs to be supplied with a face piece which matches their face.

Our fit testing can be done at any venue, it is even better to you if you get it done after you have completed one of our courses! This is so you can get everything done within one day.

The dangers of not having a properly fitted face masks are astronomical as this could lead to many fatal diseases from the dangerous fibres that are in some workplaces!

If you want your workforce to be safer whilst wearing a face mask at work then you should get face fit tested once a year to ensure that your workforce is working in the safest way! We have attached a short video to show the dangers of just one of the many fibres that could be within your workplace! which is asbestos.


If you follow this link it will take you to a video on Youtube which will show the dangers of not wearing a face mask when in the presence  of dust and dangerous fibres.