Case 334-Banners Taken from Football supporters

Tottenham Hotspur supporters have been left frustrated as their point of protest has been taken away from them through the club chairman Daniel Levy banning all banners, which the supporters are looking to bring into the ground. This comes after a string of poor results for the North London club. However the club has given the supporters a bit back to them by allowing banners but only if you have prior approval with them.


Tottenham Hotspur have set out to stop protests against the club, Chairman which has lead to the club banning certain banners unless you have prior approval of the banner which will give them more of a heads up to what they are getting into the ground. To stop people brining unwanted banners into the ground the club has enforced the Health and Safety regulations which will stop the supporters potentially brining the dangerous banners.

Panel Decision

The Health and Safety Executive panel have decided that the club DOES have a rule in place that requires all banners (not just those about an unpopular Chairman) to be notified in advance which is for fire safety reasons. The club understands that it is a difficult enough job to manage the crowd anyway so this is an entirely reasonable rule to have in place for the club.

Overall Conclusion

We have came to the conclusion that the club have allowed banners in before but as soon as the Chairman is under fire then they have started to bring in the fire safety laws so that they don’t bring any unfriendly banners in. This is a result of Tottenham tightening the rules around the banners/flags that all football clubs must have in place to be able to control the crowds and minimise the risks of having a dangerous situation within a heavily populated area which a football stadium is.