Benefits of Good Health and Safety

Health and safety.

It’s fair to say that, for some, they’re three words which are guaranteed to immediately get the eyes rolling. Regarded as a restriction or red tape, health and safety is unfortunately all too commonly seen as a burden.

However, whilst is easy to be scathing of health and safety legislation, it really is there for a reason. Failing to carry out good health and safety management and practice in the workplace can have a very real human cost both financial and of course human.

Below we examine some of the reasons as to why health and safety really should be regarded as anything but a burden.

Protection of staff – with an effective health and safety strategy staff are less likely to suffer from injuries meaning you’re more likely to be able to retain skilled and loyal workers. Fewer accidents also mean lower employee absence rates.
Reduced threats of legal action – it goes without saying that a legal case against your business can be crippling therefore the benefits of avoiding the risk of such action simply can’t be understated.

Better reputation – Good health and safety management and practice will help give your business a better reputation by showing that you don’t cut corners. In turn this helps increase positivity about your business amongst staff, investors, customers and suppliers.

Securing of work – with a good reputation the likelihood of securing future work is increased. This is especially crucial in the construction and other high risk industries.

Increased productivity –  Good health and safety management involves the workforce. A workforce that is healthy, safe, and feels engaged is highly motivated.

Increased profitability – Increased productivity does, of course, go hand in hand with increased profitability. Good health and safety management also means costs associated with accidents such as legal expenses, fines, insurance increases and lost time are avoided.

If your business currently regards health and safety as a more of a hindrance than something which can offer rewarding benefits, now really is the time to embrace a different way of thinking.

Here at Seaham Safety Services Limited we offer a wide range of courses from general safety and first aid at work to more specialised training including Tetra working at height and Safety Site Plus qualifications.

Whether you’re looking to improve health and safety in the office, you’re involved in a higher risk industry such as construction or anything else in between, good health and safety management really is imperative. For more information on any of our courses why not contact us today.

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