Health & safety myth of the month

During the recent cold snap, many of us experienced this winter’s first significant accumulation of snow. Whilst the white stuff does of course pose very obvious dangers such as hazardous driving conditions, there have been numerous media reports suggesting that one of the seemingly more enjoyable activities of the adverse weather conditions, snowball fights, are Read more about Health & safety myth of the month[…]

Limited CAA NVQ Funding is still available

Hurry and don’t miss this great opportunity to study a vital qualification with us. Last September we announced that we have funding available from ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council and Industry Training board, for a range of NVQs. We’re pleased to report that the take up of this has been very high, and we’re delighted Read more about Limited CAA NVQ Funding is still available[…]

Cable Avoidance Tools Training Open Day North East

A Redhill-based construction company has been ordered to pay £210,000 in fines and costs after an employee died following an explosion on a construction site in central London. The explosion occurred following damage to an 11,000 volt live cable within an excavation. The case is documented in the latest bulletin from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


Funding for a range of CAA NVQs now available

Construction is one of Britain’s most dangerous industries to be employed in. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show it accounted for almost a quarter of all fatalities in the workplace between April 2011 and March 2012. Therefore, if you’re an employer in the construction industry the opportunity to improve the health and safety skills of your staff to equip them with knowledge and expertise they need to help them to stay safe at work really cannot be missed.


Benefits of Good Health and Safety

Health and safety.

It’s fair to say that, for some, they’re three words which are guaranteed to immediately get the eyes rolling. Regarded as a restriction or red tape, health and safety is unfortunately all too commonly seen as a burden.

However, whilst is easy to be scathing of health and safety legislation, it really is there for a reason. Failing to carry out good health and safety management and practice in the workplace can have a very real human cost both financial and of course human.


September Health and Safety Myth of the Month

Here at Seaham Safety Services Limited we love to bust some of those (often fairly ridiculous!) health and safety myths out there. Previously we reported on the myth that children playing conkers must wear safety goggles to avoid injury. Now we turn our attention to another childhood favourite– pin the tail on the donkey.

Tesco has reported that sales of the traditional party game have been rapidly falling and this, it is suggested, is because some parents are reluctant to allow their children to handle pins, fearing that they pose a health and safety risk.


Work at height HSE enforcement

Recent enforcement activity Read details of some recent HSE prosecutions and enforcement action in the construction sector and find sources of relevant advice. Work at height 1 December 2011 – Two construction companies have been fined a total of £60,000 following the death of a worker who fell from a cherry picker on a dual Read more about Work at height HSE enforcement[…]

HSE asks Managers to secure sites

HSE is reminding construction managers to secure their sites to reduce the risks of accidents during the Christmas shut-down. In past years, many members of the public have been killed and injured in construction-related incidents across Great Britain. These incidents have included material being blown off site, scaffolding collapsing or children gaining access to poorly Read more about HSE asks Managers to secure sites[…]

CENE Award Co-Sponsor

Health and Safety Category C0-Sponsor We are proud to announce that we are a co-sponsor for the Constructing Excellence in the North East Awards Health and Safety category. This category looks for the project or organisation where health and safety has been driven forward to go beyond what is required within the duties as stated in CDM2007. In Read more about CENE Award Co-Sponsor[…]